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Tourism of Nongstoin

Nongstoin has many tourist places of natural beauty. Some of the main attractions of this town of Nongstoin are:

Nongkhnum Island:

Nongkhnum Island is situated at West Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya. It is the biggest river island in Meghalaya and the second biggest river island in Asia after Majuli (Assam) which is the first biggest river island. The Nongkhnum river island is 20-25 sq km in area. The island is formed by the bifurcation of Kynshi river into the Phanliang river and the Namliang river. It is located 14 km from Nongstoin, the district headquarter of West Khasi hills.
Nongkhnum Island
There is a wooden bridge over the Weinia falls that leads to the island. The island formed by the Phanliang and the Namliang river at the point of divergence makes a beautiful sandy shore. The Phanliang river forms a lake adjacent to the sandy beach. The lake is 400-500 sq m in area. The river then moves along and forms a fall which is 60 metre high called the Shadthum fall before reaching a deep gorge. At the bottom of the fall one can find varied fish species. The water further goes and reunites with the Namliang river, near a place called Thongrin. The Namliang river first flows towards the north and then changes course towards the west. On reaching a gorge it forms two falls. The first fall is called Riatsohkhe near Mawthar village. The second fall is called Weinia fall and is 60 m high. The river moves to the west and then reunites with the Phanling river on the western rocky shore and flows towards the west. It reaches the deepest gorge after a distance of 10 km from the island. It then forms the longest fall in the region which is 335-340 m high. It is called Langshiang fall.

The Nongkhnum island is surrounded by the Phanliang and the Namliang river. Other than the beautiful falls there are trees and grassland in the island. There are also natural playground where sports lover can play football and golf. Helicopters can also land in the playground. There are fishing pools near the sandy shore which is called Wei-Phanliang.  Local transport facility is available to reach the Nongkhnum island. The island is located 14 km from Nongstoin, the district headquarter of West Khasi Hills.

Embroidery Stone:

This is a natural stone formation having an embroidered design on it. This stone is found only in Nongstoin. There are also the Langshiang and Weinia falls located in this town. Nongstoin is also famous for the first saw mill of Meghalaya which was the centre of log works in the state. The functioning of this saw mill was however, stopped by the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

Langshiang Falls:

The Langshiang falls is located near Sangriang river in Meghalaya. It is located 24 km from Nongstoin in West Garo Hills district. The fall could be seen from Mawpon village. The waterfall is considered to be the 3rd highest in India. The height of the waterfall is 1106 feet. Nongkhnum Island is situated at a distance of 10 km from the falls.
Langshiang Falls
The falls is formed from a single stream of water that deviates from the Kynshi river. Although the fall could be visited round the year but the best visit could be in the monsoon. The waterfall because of its immense beauty attracts large number of tourists. The splendid beauty and natural vegetation of the surroundings make it an ultimate destination for the tourists. The waterfall is an ideal outing and picnic spot due to its green and serene atmosphere.

Green Deserts:

The green dunes at Mawlangkhar which is situated 12 kms from Nongstoin are the green deserts. The picturesque beauty of the river valley, the falls and the Green lush dunes provides a scenic beauty.

Mawthadraishan PeakMawthadraishan Peak:

This peak is located on the northern side of the Nongstoin-Shillong road. On the top of this range there is a depression with 7-8 fish ponds of average size. The apex of the peak provides a picturesque view of the Assam plains, the horizon and the valley beneath.

How to Reach

The hill town of Nongstoin is connected to all the major cities of India through airways and roadways.

  • By Air: Umroi Airport is the nearest airport though there are limited flights to this airport.
  • By Road: The only transportation facility is by roadways. Buses and private taxis like Tata Sumo are the only transportation services available from Nongstoin and adjoining places.

Distance of Nongstoin from major towns and cities:

 Guwahati  162 kms
 Tura  215 kms
 115 kms
 94 kms

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